Connect the Dots

Data driven metrics,
application development & customer connection

Application Development

Designs & Develops Web Applications.

Code, Content, and Customer Insights.

Consulting that delivers the total solution.

From Idea to Prototype

Bring 2PointData an idea and we will deliver a working prototype. We help customers walk through the process of moving their ideas to the whiteboard, to paper, and then to a working prototype.

Learn how potential customers will respond to your ideas before you build the product. 2PointData can help you identify which features to build, and which features to put on the back burner.

2PointData helps companies connect with the customers, through data and analysis we help companies identify early adopters. 2PointData leverages market data, social media and survey data to help segment and identify potential customers.

Do you need help funding product development? 2PointData consultants have helped entrepreneurs raise venture capital and execute crowdfunding campaigns.

Consult with 2PointData to help identify the Minimal Viable Product (MVP) and learn how to test product market fit. 2PointData can help your business venture identify key metrics and processes to collect data and metrics needed for early stage companies.

Curated Content

2PointData helps customers write emails and white papers to attract customers.

Our team can help your business create a digital marketing campaign that drives business growth. 2PointData helps deliver content messaging and email campaigns that speak to your customer. 2PointData can also deliver A/B testing and analysis of targeted segments to help you learn more about your customers.

2PointData helps you connect with you customer across multiple channels with measured results.

Ready for Digital Transformation?

Learn how we can help your business.


Social Media

Gain insights about your customers

2PointData will help you learn about your customer through social media reporting and analytics. Learn about what services or features your customers wants before you develop them. Listen and engage with your customers.

Is your business running you or are you running your business?

Business Process Design

At 2PointData our experienced management consultants will help you integrate various IT products to help your business run more smoothly. Say goodby to days of manual data entry and excel files. Gain access to reporting and dashboard views from your mobile device.

2PointData will help you integrate your inventory tracking, shipping, customers service and digital marketing tools. 2PointData will help you develop business process flow diagrams and service blueprints. 2PointData will help you develop efficient processes and automated reporting.